Hi, I'm Xhico. I believe an open mind is the most important thing you can take on any journey. Since I was a child, my inquisitive nature has led me down paths to lands unknown. I often find myself most comfortable in indigenous communities.
Women in remote villages in Highlands of Chiapas, Mexico have welcomed me in their homes. Experts in belt-loom weaving, they shared their traditions with me. Colorful markets of Mexico mesmerized my palette with incredible flavors. In Guatemala, smoke filled the dim kitchen with the aroma of roasting coffee. Here I sat in a circle with a family, and I learned my first words in Tz'utujil – a Mayan language. These are experiences that very few people get to have.

Mama Elena and I are sorting the large coffee beans from the small coffee beans. Otherwise, the small ones would burn if roasted together with the larger ones. San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala, 2019.

I never forget how fortunate I am to be able to travel and always remain grateful for my unique way of seeing the world. It is these observations and experiences that I want to share with you. I want to take you with me to new places and meet the friends I've made along the way.
Each of the unusual places I visit offers me fresh insight into the universe. This inspires and ignites me. Photography and drawing have always been a vital part of my visual story-telling. Yet, my artistic nature urges me to expand upon these visuals and create tactile projects.
Often these projects are individual undertakings. I also collaborate with artisans I meet on my travels. My creative process results in a variety of media and products. I share my experiences through visual projects like books and limited-edition goods. With the support of my fans, I continue to document my journey.
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 Photo Essays and Editorial Illustration
Cultural trips for creative people.
Travel Mexico and Guatemala with me.
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