New Banana Fashion Prints

I've always loved bananas and as you may know, became obsessed with smoked plantains from the comote man in Mexico City. I started drawing a lot of bananas. Everyday bananas. Phallic shapes protruding from my sketch book covered in an array of geometric patterns. I brought a few to life in washed out watercolors while most remained black ink from my Pilot G2. 

One day, I was passing one of the women I had bought some stuffed animals from in the past. I started talking to her and then got the idea that she could work with me to make some custom banana sculptures. I asked her and she was delighted to help. I went back to my apartment and sketched out a pattern and then cut several patterns out of paper. I drew up several patterns I wanted stitched on my bananas. 

I returned to the park the next day with patterns, sketches, instructions and a deposit for her work. She said to give her a week to produce the first ten. I returned the next rainy weekend to pick up my plush bananas. She was just as excited as I was. They turned out so lovely and colorful and my mouth instantly turned into a smile. Much like the shape of a banana. 

I began to use these bananas in my some of my photographic artwork. They began to become patterns the more I worked with them. These soft sculptures along with drawings will comprise my fashion capsule collection "Plantano Frito".

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Eco Bag from Xhico's Platano Frito Collection

Eco Bag from Xhico's Platano Frito Collection