My directorial debut: Music Video for The Polyamorous Affair "Whoever Controls the Groove"

After attending my video art show at Weltenbuerger in Los Angeles, Eddie and Sissy of The Polyamorous Affair approached me about making a music video for them. They asked me to create a music video for "Whoever Controls the Groove". I listened to the track and immediately images started rolling thru my head. I knew I had to have several dancers of different styles juxtaposed with Eddie and Sissy in statuesque performance with robot moves. The challenge was that there was no budget. 

Fortunately from me creating video art, I have a Canon 7D to shoot HD video and a pretty good equipment set up. But no fancy studio lights. So, I turned to my party light bulbs. With a couple lights, we turned their garage in the magic video zone. I called my boy, D'Kwan, to come in with some of his fresh dance style. They called their dancer friends too and the dancers came thru one by one over a couple days. We even pulled one guy visiting a neighbor in to do some dancing. I filmed Eddie and Sissy between the dancers' performances when possible. After three days of shooting, I unloaded all the footage and began editing. It took over a hundred hours in After Effects, but I finally finished my first music video! Turn it up and enjoy!

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