New Banana Fashion Prints

I've always loved bananas and as you may know, became obsessed with smoked plantains from the comote man in Mexico City. I started drawing a lot of bananas. Everyday bananas. Phallic shapes protruding from my sketch book covered in an array of geometric patterns. I brought a few to life in washed out watercolors while most remained black ink from my Pilot G2. 

One day, I was passing one of the women I had bought some stuffed animals from in the past. I started talking to her and then got the idea that she could work with me to make some custom banana sculptures. I asked her and she was delighted to help. I went back to my apartment and sketched out a pattern and then cut several patterns out of paper. I drew up several patterns I wanted stitched on my bananas. 

I returned to the park the next day with patterns, sketches, instructions and a deposit for her work. She said to give her a week to produce the first ten. I returned the next rainy weekend to pick up my plush bananas. She was just as excited as I was. They turned out so lovely and colorful and my mouth instantly turned into a smile. Much like the shape of a banana. 

I began to use these bananas in my some of my photographic artwork. They began to become patterns the more I worked with them. These soft sculptures along with drawings will comprise my fashion capsule collection "Plantano Frito".

Men's and women's clothing, accessories and home items designed by Xhico are now available on Print All Over Me.

Eco Bag from Xhico's Platano Frito Collection

Eco Bag from Xhico's Platano Frito Collection

Masks in Mexico City

My travels to Mexico City are always inspirational. Last year, I began a series of masks and selfies made from real flowers. On this most recent trip, I embraced other available materials including miniatures, balloons, ribbons and paper flowers. I would take trips to Mercado Sonora and Mercado de Medellin, where I would buy supplies and return home to create masks out of them. Then, using the open light in my roommate's room, I would shoot my self-portraits. Follow me and check back soon for more of mask series.

Self-Portrait by Xhico. Mexico City, 2015. Mask made of paper flowers and ribbons.

Chase Kusero, Awesome Hair Dude

My long time hairstylist, client and friend, Chase Kusero, has been working hard over the years and all that work has been paying off. Chase is a celebrity hair-stylist and is best known for his ombre-hair on Jared Leto at the 2014 Oscar Awards and the man behind the man-bun. Unfortunately for me, his success has taken him out of Los Angeles and to New York where he has launched another new salon with partners - IGK Hair. His home was recently featured by Broken English Jewelry where one of my art pieces he purchased years ago was featured.


Tattoo by Xhico

While in Mexico City, I met my friend, Julio, while drawing at the cafe. He was always checking out my sketches and told me that he wanted a tattoo of one of my drawings. So I made him this drawing for a tattoo. He recently had it inked and colored. A skull is the center piece as Xhico-face flowers blossom and mushrooms grow along the side. They attract bird and bees and begin the cycle of life.