Xhico in Mexico City, 2016

Xhico in Mexico City, 2016

Larimie Garcia is an artist and multifaceted creator of narratives. Through his alter-ego Xhico, he has made a world through which the banality of daily life radiates through the infinitesimally details. His hyper-exaggerated and highly embellished drawings and photographs play with worlds both imaginary and real, blurring the lines between what we really see and what he has fabricated.

Xhico is an artist living and working in Mexico City. Originally from Oakdale, a small town in Northern California, Xhico was drawing as early as two years old, and has been an artist in various capacities his entire life.  Namely, Xhico has worked as creative director and designer to create content, and develop brand identities in print, photography, make-up, fashion, and motion design.

Xhico’s creativity flourished even as a young child in a conservatively religious home, and this dichotomy of conservatism and creativity spurred Xhico’s fascination of the human race as one that is culturally diverse yet internally homogenous—we all breathe air, and we all need sustenance to survive. At the heart of so much cultural diversity there still lies great likenesses within belief systems and rituals which inevitably connect us all, and the ubiquity of how we react as beings in terms of decoration, adornment and rituals in order to attract others drives Xhico’s artistic curiosities.     

As an adult Xhico continued playing and experimenting with a variety of media while working as a professionally practicing graphic designer. Among Xhico’s roster are entities and personalities such as: Warner Bros. Records, A&M Records, Maverick Recording Company, Janet Jackson, MAC Cosmetics, “The Boys and Girls the Guide to Getting Down”, The Crystal Method, k.d. Lang, Chase Design Group, and Director Bruce Dowad.

While his practice as a designer flourished, his interests in the visual arts pulled his attention and in 2016 he shifted to his focus to concentrate on his practice as a visual artist.